The Prosper Environment module

After hours security staff notice that diesel from your factory has leaked into the neighbouring river. The security guard phones their contact at home.

They log into Prosper and record the incident. This automatically notifies all the appropriate staff and measures can be put in place straight away to minimise the environmental impact. Follow-ups can then be implemented to ensure a similar environmental incident is avoided in future.

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Identify, plan, avoid.

Prosper will help you to identify potential environmental impacts, suggest plans to prevent impact and monitor activities to ensure impact is avoided.

Be prepared.

Prosper allows you to develop a plan of action should an environmental incident occur. Being prepared will minimise any likely impact and may reduce potential fines for non-compliance.


Some organisations are unaware of potential environmental impacts. Prosper will help you to identify all potential risks, through providing a detailed database of environmental impacts.


Be proactive in reducing your organisations environmental impact. Prosper will help you to achieve the requirements of ISO14001: 2004.=

Action request.

When an environmental incident occurs, Prosper allows you to generate an action request. This request will immediately inform concerned parties of the incident and prompt remedial action.


Is your organisation actively caring for the environment? What measures are in place to minimise the effect of potential impacts? Prosper provides key information for regulatory authorities.

Environmental Benefits

  • Assess environmental risk.
  • Minimise environmental impact.
  • Avoid significant fines.
  • Achieve the requirements of ISO14001: 2004.