Health & Safety

The Prosper Health & Safety module

Are you ready for the changes in Health & Safety legislation? Get compliant before it is too late!

Complying with Health & Safety Legislation can be confusing, time consuming and a legal minefield for many organizations. Gone are the days of trying to comply with legislation using a paper based system and a piece of No. 8 wire. Discover how Prosper, would help to establish that your safety and business improvement system is up to date and compliant with the law.

Prosper will help to enhance and manage the overall performance of your business and remove the worry of managing staff.

Things are starting to hot up in the Health & Safety arena the size of fines area increasing. The first company director has had a custodial sentence (for a near miss). Worksafe are active in the workplace are you prepared for a visit?


5 Quick Questions To Ask Before You Engage A Safety Advisor

  1. Which professional association do you belong to – can you confirm this?
  2. What qualifications and/or certification do you have?
  3. What relevant skills and experience do you have for this job?
  4. Can you give me examples of similar work you have done recently?
  5. Are you happy for us to contact your clients about your work for them?


The New Health & Safety At Work Act 2015, is here - ARE YOU BE READY

To comply with legislation every company must have a Hazard register, accident register, training records and an emergency plan and can face substantial fines for not having them in place.

Take a step in the right direction and help to show Worksafe and your employees you have a process and are making an effort with Health and Safety.

Health & Safety Benefits

  • Identify, control and monitor risks.
  • Maintain records of Health & Safety incidents
  • Organize and conduct emergency drills
  • Conduct Health & Safety audits
  • Assist with ACC rebates
  • Ensure your organisation learns from incidents
  • AS/NZS 4801 occupational requirements compatible
  • Organize staff records and training
  • Equipment maintenance and reminders
  • Maintain organisational documents and manuals