Privacy Policy

Section 1 – Introduction

Prosper Software Limited (Prosper) is committed to protecting your privacy as an internet user. We recognise our responsibility to keep confidential at all times any information about you which is acquired in connection with such a transaction, whether directly from yourself or through the supplier. We protect your personal information on the internet to an equivalent high standard to that which you would experience through any internal network channels. Please note however that our responsibility is necessarily limited to protection by us of information which we obtain. We cannot, of course, control the use or disclosure by your supplier of any information which they obtain from you.

Section 2 – You own your data

Prosper is an online risk management system which stores information about a company or individual as provided or entered by that company or individual. Prosper will only store information that is entered by the users of an organisation, or automatically imported instruction. The data entered, or imported on instruction, by the users of an organisation remains the property of the organisation and Prosper will not use nor make available for use any of that information without permission of the organisation. Prosper staff and administrators do not have direct access to your data.

Section 3 – You control who has access to your data

The data entered, or imported on instruction, by the users of an organisation is stored securely in a database and is only accessible to the approved users of the organisation. The administrator of the organisation has full control over who is invited to be a user. A user name and password is required in order to access an organisation’s information in Prosper. It is the user’s responsibility to keep their passwords safe. It is the administrator’s responsibility to ensure that any users who are invited to use the organisation’s account have permission to view the organisation’s information stored in the Prosper account. Prosper, Prosper’s staff, and Prosper’s partners do not have access to the user’s passwords and are therefore unable to access the organisation’s account or data without receiving an invitation from the administrator.

Section 4 – Collection of information

To enable us to provide secure payment facilities we will typically acquire information which may include your name and your billing address.

Section 5 – Use and disclosure of information

Prosper will not disclose the information to third parties, or make any use of it, without your permission (unless we are required to do so by statute or by an authorized body in order to aid the investigation or prevention of crime).

Section 6 – Prosper monitors system usage

Prosper has access to and may use aggregate information such as number of associated users, number of transactions and billing information for the purpose of billing and monitoring server and software performance as well as for other internal purposes of Prosper. Prosper will never access the details of any data entered and stored in the Prosper system. Prosper will never access system usage history for a specific identifiable user, except where granted permission by the user to assist with resolution of a system issue or error.

Section 7 – Your data is sent securely across the internet

Prosper servers are administered by Net24 in Christchurch, New Zealand. All servers are issued with security certificates so all data transferred between the users of an organisation and the Prosper servers is 128bit encrypted.