Frequently Asked Questions
What is Prosper
Prosper is a comprehensive risk management system administered entirely via the Internet. Prosper focuses on assisting you to manage the three key risk areas faced by organisations; health and safety, environment and quality maintenance.

What are the key features of Prosper
Prosper is a constantly evolving product. Because it is a web-based system, updates are instantly available free of charge to all existing users. The current key features of Prosper include:
  • Action request system.
  • Environment management.
  • Occupational health and safety management.
  • Organisational structure template.
  • Personnel records.
  • Process controls.
  • Document controls.
  • Equipment management.
  • Objectives and targets.
  • Customer management.
  • Training and personal development.
  • Supplier management.
  • Third party feedback system.
Is my data secure

Is my data secure?

Prosper takes full responsibility for the hosting and storage of your data. Secure servers provide a level of security beyond most in-house solutions. Data is backed up daily and supported with 24 hour monitoring and diesel generator support.

How much does it cost

How much does it cost?

  • Single User = $60.
  • Upto 5 Users = $120
  • Upto 15 Users = $190
  • Enterprise Users = POA

It includes-

  • No setup costs.
  • Monthly payments in arrears.
  • Users and modules can be changed at any time.
  • Prosper modules are Health & Safety, Quality, Environment and Personnel.
  • Free system updates.
  • Unlimited use per user.

*SMS text message updates charged at 50c per message.

How many user accounts should I purchase

How many user accounts should I purchase?

This largely depends on your organisation. All individuals responsible for monitoring or managing quality, health and safety, or environmental awareness should have a user account. Senior management may also require accounts to monitor serious action requests.

Prosper is flexible. You can open or close user accounts easily and the system automatically updates your charges.

Do you offer training

Do you offer training?

Prosper is designed to work in with your existing risk management processes. If you have current knowledge of risk management processes, using Prosper will be second nature to you. If more assistance is needed, Prosper has specialist agents in most regions who will be happy to assist with implementation. This will incur additional charges between your organisation and the agent.

Do I need a risk management consultant

Do I need a risk management consultant?

Prosper is designed to remove the need for frequent interactions with risk management consultants. Your organisation is still likely to require the services of a consultant to assist with the practical implementation of your risk management strategy.

Prosper should be seen as a compliment to traditional processes, rather than as a replacement for traditional processes.