Human Resource Module

The Prosper Human Resource Module module

Manage staff with ease from the cloud. Prosper provides a Human Resource module to keep in control of staff and help keep them safe. The module is set up to act as a staff database with personal development capabilities, where skill requirement and training can be recorded and kept on top of.

Maintain Staff

Keep a record of staff details, their qualifications and CV, training courses and health monitoring results. It acts as a personal information hub for each employee, which is accessible any time where internet is available.

Manage Staff Assessments

Conduct and review personal staff assessments and grade proficiency of skills. Assessments can be designed specifically based on role and skills required. Grades can be also be assigned and progressed over time.

Set Up Roles

Create an organisational chart which outlines direct reports and documents tasks and requirements of each positions. It allows positions to be linked to staff and their training requirements.

Action Requests

Direct specific employees in the organisation to take positive action to remedy an issue. Follow-up from these requests are monitored and the action request remains active until the issue is resolved.

Benefits of Human Resource Module

  • Identify, control and monitor risks.
  • Make staff aware of potential hazards.
  • Reduce risk to staff.
  • Assist with ACC rebates.
  • Ensure your organisation learns from incidents.
  • AS/NZS 4801 occupational requirements compatible.

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